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Caraga State University NEWS Update

  • CSU 2015 graduates and 38th Commencement Guest of Honor and Speaker Hon. Antonio “Sonny” F. Trillanes IV came in his regal gait to inspire the 2015 graduates on April 7, 2015.

    The bemedaled gentleman has been awarded a total of 23 assorted merit medals, campaign ribbons and badges. He has participated in 22 naval exercises conducted with local and foreign navies.

    The senator successfully launched a nationwide campaign from his prison cell as he ran and won a seat in the Philippine Senate on a shoestring budget.  More than 11 million people voted him into office on a strong anti-corruption advocacy.

    The handsome senator studied at De La Salle University, Manila where he took up Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering from 1987-1991.

    He formally entered into public service in 1991 as a cadet in the Philippine Military Academy where he graduated Cum Laude in 1995, while earning a degree in BS Naval System Engineering. While in the PMA, Senator Sonny received awards of Excellence in Mathematics, Physical Science, and the Tambuli Award for electrical/electronics engineering.

    In 2002, Senator Trillanes took up graduate studies at the University of the Philippines and got his Masters in Public Administration major in Public Policy and Program Management degree. He received two University Scholar Awards for a General Point Grade Average of 1.0 and 1.25 and a College Scholar Award for a GPA of 1.25.

    Recently, he finished the National and International Security Course under the Executive Education Program of the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge Massachusetts.

    After graduating from the PMA, Senator Trillanes went through all shipboard assignments starting from Mess & Supply Officer; Deck & Gunnery Officer; Engineering & Damage Control Officer; Executive Officer; and, ultimately as Acting Commanding Officer of a patrol gunboat.

    During his five-year sea duty experience, his unit apprehended dozens of smugglers, illegal loggers, poachers, human smugglers and illegal fishermen in numerous maritime law enforcement operations conducted in the waters of Batanes, Ilocos, Cagayan, Isabela, Zambales, Scarborough, Quezon, Bicol, Palawan, Mindoro, Romblon, Iloilo, Cebu, Zamboanga Peninsula, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Davao and Maguindanao.

    Among the highlights of his military profession, was the daring search and rescue operation for the survivors of the ill-fated M/V Princess of the Orient at the height of a super typhoon in 1998. For this act of risking their own lives in the fulfillment of their duty, Senator Trillanes and his unit managed to rescue thirty-two (32) survivors. He was also involved in numerous naval operations in support of ground operations directed against the Abu Sayyaf and other lawless elements.

    Now on his second term, Senator Trillanes vows to serve his country by continuing his advocacies on peace and order, anti-corruption, and poverty alleviation. He is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security and the Senate Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization.

    He is one of the most productive senators with a total of 1,054 bills and resolutions filed, 45 of these bills have been passed into law. Foremost of which are the AFP Modernization Law; Archipelagic Baselines Law; Immediate Release of Retirement Benefits of Government Employees; Salary Standardization Law; PAG-IBIG Fund Law; Magna Carta for Disabled Persons; Expanded Senior Citizens Act; Anti-Bullying Act; and Burial Assistance for Veterans.

    Senator Trillanes challenged everyone, especially the youth, that the task of nation-building belongs to all of us and he is inviting everyone to take an active part.

    Senator Trillanes is CSU’s 38th Commencement Guest of Honor and Speaker

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  • President Penaso was personally invited by Gov. Sol. F. Matugas to speak during the Tri-Division Top Student Summit held at the Provincial Convention Center, Provincial Capitol, Surigao City on March 9, 2015.

    Dr. Penaso was asked to talk about the Caraga State University’s curricular offerings particularly in Agriculture and Forestry as well as in Engineering Technology.

    The theme is, The Right Career: Key to Achieving Global Competitiveness in the ASEAN Integration.
    A number of students came for the event with their advisers and headed by the Surigao del Norte Department of Education Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents with some Supervisors and Surigao del Norte Provincial Planning Officer and Provincial Tourism Officer Mr. Arturo Cruje. The event is relative to the Eskolaran Project of the Governor and her better-half Congressman Matugas who started it in late 1990’s.

    Moreover, on March 23, 2015, Dr. Penaso reached out to the top students in Siargao Island for another speaking engagement held at the Siargao Island Institute of Technology (SIIT). The students in remote areas were very happy to have been accorded the opportunity being given to them.

    Entrance examinations for the students who opted to study in CSU were also given to the respective top students. Dr. Penaso brought with him guidance counselors and faculty members who administered the entrance examination.

    President Penaso believes in the capacity and capability of every youth especially the top and driven students to become future leaders and productive citizens of the country.

    President Penaso Speaks to Top Students Summit — Wed, 08 Apr 2015 06:10:39 +0000

    President Penaso Speaks to Top Students Summit

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  • President Penaso consulted the students, faculty and alumni regarding the Developmental Fee Collection through a special administrative council meeting. The meeting was held at the CSU gymnasium on February 23, 2014 attended by the members of the administrative council, some faculty members, University Student Council (USC), CSUCC key officials and Central Student Government (CSG) and alumni representatives.

    President Penaso stressed the importance of accountable, participative and transparent governance. He wants to put life into it by leveling off with the students who are the direct beneficiaries of quality services. He wants to ensure the utilization of programs for the development of our students and other stakeholders.

    Dr. Penaso believes in the delivery of Outcomes Based Education or OBE and calls for cooperation, mutual understanding and spirit of respect for a participatory decision making.

    Dr. Armie Leila M. Mordeno, Vice President for Administration and Board Secretary presented the Board of Regents Actions and Directives. Director Ma. Victoria M. Labisto of the Financial and Management Systems Office enumerated the 2013 and 2014 Development Fees Collection and Utilization.

    University Student Council (USC) President Jundey C. Brier and the representative of the Central Student Government of CSUCC outlined the students’ proposals for SY 2015-2016 as basis for Developmental Fees Collection.

    The students mentioned their needs for trainings and seminars, support for competitions, upgrading of library materials and laboratory equipments, provision for street lighting, gate fencing, parking areas, and for more classrooms among all other concerns.

    Both Planning Directors of CSU and CSUCC Dr. Danilo Gaas and Dr. Gloria Esperanza also laid down their proposals. Conspicuously present were Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Luisito I. Tabada and Vice President for Research and Extension Dr. Rowena P. Varela to elucidate academic and research concerns.

    Director Joey Arles Vergara of the Office of Student Affairs read the Rationale of the consultative meeting. Ms. Merinessa D. Gonzaga, CSU University Registrar stood as officer of the day.

    The consultation meeting lasted until 3:00 in the afternoon after a thorough and free flowing deliberation and thought about considerations.

    President Penaso assured everyone that the administration is doing everything to affect quality services.

    CSU Prexy Consults Students, Faculty and Alumni on Developmental Fee Collection

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  • CSU led by Dr. Anthony M. Penaso joined other state colleges and universities in the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA) National Olympics  2015 on February 8-15, 2015 Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley. This year’s SCUAA meet is hosted by Cagayan State University (CSU) similar to our acronym CSU or Caraga State University, the reason why our website is CARSU but our official university acronym is CSU.

    Dr. Penaso also attended the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) Executive Board meeting on February 7, 2015 at Ivory Hotel in Tuguegarao.

    The SCUAA 2015 opened on February 8, 2015 through an opening parade of the whole athletic delegations coming from 16 regions all over the country. It was followed by an opening program at the Cagayan Sports Complex.

    The National Capital region tops SCUAA 2015 National Olympics while CARAGA Region placed 5th with 31 golds, 14 silvers and 17 bronzes. The CSU team played and worked well with the other representatives of the Caraga region. They have associated and linked with the rest of the people in the Philippines for peace and unity through sports significantly.


    CSU joins SCUAA National Olympics 2015 — Tue, 17 Feb 2015 00:57:15 +0000

    CSU joins SCUAA National Olympics 2015

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  • The CSU Rehab Team with Jamieson Bandala of the HMC-Envi Management Division

    Caraga Region is tagged as the ‘Hottest Mining Destination in the Philippines’ due to the nickel deposits in Surigao Provinces. According to the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), 20 of the 28 registered large-scale nickel mines in the Philippines operate in the region. Economic activities intensified and employment increased because more and more companies operate in the region. However, as nickel mining continued to expand, people from different sectors started to ask- Is mining a boon or a bane?

    The major issue seen in nickel mining is siltation resulting from soil erosion particularly during rainy season. This is a consequence of the removal of the topsoil and associated vegetation. Nonetheless, soil erosion can be abated by sustaining forest strips across the mountain slopes.

    Some CSU researchers established forest strips called “ecobelt” for progressive rehabilitation of mined-out nickel areas in Caraga Region to provide home to biodiversity and lessen siltation of river systems and interconnected sea in Hinatuan Strait.

    The researchers pilot-tested the “ecobelts” in Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) and Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) to provide a home to biodiversity and act as barrier and natural filter of soil particles to prevent these from reaching the river system and the sea.

    “Ecobelts” are greenways strategically located across the mountain slope. It is designed to shelter smaller plants and animals to make them stay and repopulate the degraded areas. In doing this, the principles of agroforestry are employed where nurse trees are planted with fruit trees and native trees to build up the forest. Flowering plants are also incorporated in the “ecobelt” to attract pollinators which are important agents of seed dispersal to hasten spread of plants in the mined-out areas. Soil erosion pins are strategically put up to measure erosion rate at various slopes. As the planted forest in the “ecobelt” develops, information are gathered to monitor the ’ecological succession’ in the area.

    Monitoring the effects of “ecobelt” construction on mined-out nickel areas is done monthly to determine the soil erosion rate at various slopes, plant survival and spread of propagules of the different introduced plant species. In addition, sediment traps are also established in the interconnected sea to determine sedimentation on the seagrass beds and coral reefs.

    The team’s partnership with HMC and TMC started in 2013. The mining companies provide the logistics in the reshaping of the mined-out areas and support in the maintenance of the “ecobelts” (eg. watering, organic fertilizer.

    The CSU Team on the other hand, provides the Science and Technology S&T intervention, technical advice and training of the in-house environmental management staff. Training includes the application of Mycorhiza on seedlings, monitoring and data gathering of the “ecobelts” in relation to ecological succession and in viewing mine rehabilitation from a landscape perspective towards achieving the end-use plan of the mine site.

    Recognizing CSU efforts, HMC has this in its Hinatuan Miners Facebook Page:


    CSU Mining Rehab Team Promotes Restoration Science in Nickel Mine Rehabilitation

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  • (President Penaso is flanked by his mom, his better half, and CHED Commissioner Ma. Cynthia Rose B. Bautista during his investiture)

    2014 for Caraga State University ended with a bang. CSU as a university is now 5 years old, December 15-19 marked CSU’s celebration of its university days. Day one started with a “Fun Run” around CSU, followed by a “Zumba Dance” at the CSU gymnasium, Christmas Serenade, Parade, Tree Planting, Eco-Park Management Seminar, Praise Jam and the night ended with the Battle of the Bands.

    The second day began with an ecumenical Thanksgiving Mass, Anniversary Convocation and giving of PRAISE awards, Amateur Singing Contest and Fashion Forward.

    The third day of the celebration was the launching of the CSU Eco-Park and Eco-Tourism Center, it ended with the wacky Christmas celebration and Family Day where the CSU family had a blast. All came dressed like fairies and elves, x-men, justice league and avengers.

    The fourth day was CASNR day, Ball games, Laro ng Lahi and Poster Making Contest as well as the awarding ceremony for the said events.

    Finally, the fifth day December 19, 2014 marked another important milestone in the life of CSU as an institution and in the lives of its constituents—The Investiture Rites of CSU’s 2nd university President but a 1st in many splendor things.

    Firstly, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso is the first CSU President who has five (5) doctorate degrees, namely: Doctor of Science in Mathematics Education, Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Management, and Doctor in Public Administration.

    Secondly, he is the youngest CSU President at the age of forty two (42).

    Thirdly, he is the first CSU President with a Summa cum laude title and the first with countless of researches to boot.

    Fourthly, his experience in the academe is varied; he was Director of Instruction, Vice President for Research and Extension, OIC-Vice President for Administration, Consortium Director, Director of Research and AACCUP Senior Accreditor.

    Distinctly, Dr. Penaso envisions CSU as an icon of excellence in higher education actively leading the green development of Caraga region in the context of ASEAN integration.

    His mission is for Caraga State University to develop highly empowered and ethically responsible human resources, produce research contributions with significant societal impact towards a sustainably inclusive growth and development.

    Remarkably, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso is not just simply an academic executive, his professional and personal exposure is multi-dimensional. He has been a visiting professor, research presenter and lecturer in various universities all over the country and abroad. He has traveled in approximately thirty four (34) countries in the world and still counting.

    Significantly, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso is well loved by the faculty, students and staff of CSU because of his endearing and humble ways. He is a picture of a contented man, in the service of the people, the country and for God. He is a man who walks his talk and talks his walk.

    Notably a man of integrity and substance, Dr. Penaso stands by his words, as in “He quickly plumbs the most profound depths. He knows how to get the anatomy of character. From a few observations he deciphers what is most hidden. Keen observation, subtle insights, judicious inference- with these he discovers, notices, grasps and comprehends everything.”(Balthasar Gracian)

    Extra-ordinarily, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso always strives for Excellence in his unique and simple ways worth emulating by the young and all. Yet no matter how high one may reached his goal, this dynamic leader remains good natured and down-to-earth, he treats everyone like an equal and he gives everyone an open mind and an open heart as well.

    Cheers to you Sir, most especially, cheers to CSU for the gift of your being. “To be excellent at great things is a royal characteristic; it excites admiration and wins goodwill.”


    CSU @ 5 caps the Investiture of Dr. ANTHONY M. PENASO as its President

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  • Accordingly, good leaders are trailblazers they make a path for others to follow. Great leaders inspire people to dream bigger, reach higher and achieve greater.

    Take this gentleman for instance: A distinguished Professor, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dean of the Graduate School of Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon City, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso has been voted and appointed as the 2nd University President of Caraga State University early July this year. 

    A very down-to-earth and humble gentleman, dynamic, proactive, optimistic, highly intelligent and open-minded Dr. Anthony M. Penaso finished his Bachelor of Science in Education major in Mathematics as Summa Cum Laude. He is CMU’s first Summa cum laude. He has a Masters degree in Teaching Mathematics and five Doctorate degrees; namely, Doctor of Science in Mathematics Education, Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Management, and Doctor in Public Administration.

    His experience in the academe is varied; he was Director of Instruction, Vice President for Research and Extension, OIC-Vice President for Administration, Consortium Director, Director of Research and AACCUP Senior Accreditor.

    Dr. Penaso envisions CSU as an icon of excellence in higher education actively leading the green development of Caraga region in the context of ASEAN integration.

    His mission is for Caraga State University to develop highly empowered and ethically responsible human resources, produce research contributions with significant societal impact towards a sustainably inclusive growth and development.

    Dr. Penaso’s Development Goals covers the following:

    For Instruction: Rationalizing curricular programs to address the competencies needed by regional, national and global development markets; subjecting academic programs to advanced accreditation to be at par with national and international education standards; implementing the outcomes-based quality assurance monitoring and evaluation towards institutional sustainability; enhancing the competencies of faculty and no-teaching academic staff; boosting the faculty’s morale to enrich the university’s culture of service and work; pursuing enabling mechanisms to ensure faculty tenure and promotion; implementing a system of rewards and recognition for excellence in teaching; building new and upgrading existing academic support facilities (laboratories, classrooms, dormitories, hostel, library, etc.); Improving student services and support programs; establishing new and strengthening existing industry partners for student internship/ on-the-job training and academe-industry exchanges; standardizing admission system in the undergraduate and graduate levels; improving the performance of graduates in licensure examinations; establishing the CSU Open University to widen access to quality higher education; strengthening alumni network as a show window of the University’s academic quality; and forging twinning agreements, joint academic programs and other modes of international collaboration such as the ASEAN international Mobility for Students (AIMS) Program and the University Mobility in Asia and Pacific (UMAP) Program.

    For Research: Building a culture of research excellence by involving the faculty in research and development (R&D) programs that are funded through competitive scheme, working with industry partners, and honoring their competencies in writing winning research proposals and publishable research articles; exploiting opportunities for R&D through collaboration at the local, national and international levels to generate high impact R&D outputs; formulating R&D programs geared towards the development of eco-friendly/ green technologies; generating science-based information, technologies and innovations supporting the banner programs of Caraga Region in the areas of Fishery, Agro-Forestry, Mining and Ecotourism (FAME) for lasting inclusive economic growth;  leading the region in the preservation and promotion of its historical and cultural heritage by establishing the Center of Caraga Studies; pursuing the plan of the previous administration to establish new centers and institutes, such as the Caraga Responsible Mining Research and Training Center, Caraga Mechatronics and Robotics Research & Innovation Center, Caraga Institute of Local Governance for Countryside Development; reviving existing research centers, namely the Caraga Center for Environmental Studies Management, and Caraga Research Center for Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resources; formulating a research capacity development and mentoring program; providing adequate laboratory support for R&D; revising the faculty performance evaluation system to include research productivity; and sustaining the enthusiasm of faculty-researchers by providing reasonable incentives; implementing a system of rewards and recognition for excellence in research; and protecting intellectual properties of faculty researchers and inventors through aggressive copyright and patent application.

    For Extension: Improving the delivery of extensions services to target communities, clientele and other beneficiaries; developing a pool of competent faculty extensionists equipped with skills in community relations and fund-sourcing; formulating community-based sustainable development programs for target communities to be participated by the different colleges of the University; strengthening linkages with local government units, government agencies, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders for effective community engagement; revitalizing technology transfer and dissemination through techno-demo and IEC materials; offering regular short-term training courses to improve technology adoption; ensuring extension program sustainability through regular monitoring and evaluation; providing adequate logistical support for extension and community engagement; revising the faculty performance evaluation system to include extension and community service; sustaining the enthusiasm of faculty-extensionists by providing reasonable incentives; implementing a system of rewards and recognition for excellence in research; and establishing the Caraga Institute for Social Entrepreneurship.

    For Production (Resource Generation): Instituting organizational reforms in carrying out the production function of the University for the optimum resource utilization and for more efficient and effective delivery of services; reviewing existing policies on income-generating pojects to encourage more investments initiatives; building the capacity of personnel involved in resource generation particularly in the area of innovative business management and resource development; developing additional IGPs in the 200-hectare area of the university through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mechanism; increasing the profitability of existing IGPs of the University; applying advance and cost-effective production, product packaging and development, and  marketing technologies; establishing agro-industrial processing facilities to address the value-adding of products; and establishing a display center purposely for the University’s products and generated technologies.

    For Administration: Formulating a comprehensive human resource development plan covering programs on recruitment, induction retention, training and development and retirement; enhancing the competencies, technical know-how, and work values of non-teaching staff; implementing a system of rewards and recognition for administrative service excellence; Expanding infrastructure development; modernizing the University’s security system; modernizing the University’s financial management system in consonance with the implementation of the Government Integrated Financial Management and Information System (GIFMIS); and improving the effectiveness of the general support and administrative services.

    A true blue academician, an ethical researcher, a humane administrator, a witty mathematician, a dedicated professor, a perceptive senior accreditor, a visionary leader who is also attuned to human empathy and understanding, a responsible family man, and a human being who lives a life of purpose, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso is leading Caraga State University  to where it should be with competence, service and uprightness. He is barely five months in CSU and yet you can already see and experience many significant and wonderful changes in the campus.

    Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, Sir Tonton as he is fondly called by his colleagues, leads by example. He is definitely a man, but he keeps the university clean and organized too. He must have possessed a mother nurtured power leadership not all administrators have.

    When a leader inspires people to reach for the stars, they might just bring him back the moon. Cheers and congratulations for your successful investiture rites Mr. President! Thank you for leading us and bringing CSU with you in the journey to Excellence.

    Dr. Anthony M. Penaso: A Trailblazer leader — Mon, 12 Jan 2015 09:13:20 +0000

    Dr. Anthony M. Penaso: A Trailblazer leader

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  • Dr. Gerardo O. Kitche, Dr. Tomas M. Austral, Forester Roger T. Sarmiento and Forester Joel A. Mercado attended the 2nd International Conference on Forestry Education and Research for the Asia-Pacific Region last November 19-22 at the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna.

    Dr. Kitche and Forester Mercado presented “Good Practices in Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) Implementation of SIUFMULCO, Santiago, Agusan del Norte”. On the other hand, Forester Sarmiento presented “Species Diversity of the Established Eco-belt along the Riparian Zones of the Lower Agusan River in Butuan City, Agusan del Norte”.

    The conference theme was “Forest Education and Research Gearing Towards ASEAN 2015.” Issues and concerns that were presented during the conference include: Forestry Education and Research, Evolving Demand in Forestry Profession; Social Science in Forestry and Governance; Continuing Forestry Education; Emerging ASEAN Regional Trend in Forestry Education and Research; Collaborative Forestry Education and Research; Forest Biodiversity: Implication to ASEAN 2015; and Forest and Climate Change: Implication to ASEAN 2015.

    Attended by more than 150 foresters from different ASEAN member countries and the Pacific and approximately 50 research papers were presented on the said event. High caliber Foresters and well-respected speakers from Australia, Philippines (UPLB), China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia graced the international conference.

    Inspired by CSU President Anthony M. Penaso’s commitment to excellence, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources of Caraga State University (CASNR) adheres to the university’s vision of engaging its faculty on research and extension and presenting their research outputs to local and international fora.

    CASNR researchers present papers to the 2nd International Conference on Forestry Education and Research

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  • President Anthony M. Penaso only wants the best for CSU especially when it comes to quality in the delivery of services to the students and its stakeholders. Thus on October 27-30, 2014, CSU underwent another Accrediting Association of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) preliminary survey.

    A total of seven curricular offerings were subjected to the scrutiny and assessment of experts, Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Information System, Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Science in Mathematics, Master of Arts in Education, Master of Environmental Management, and Doctor in Education.  

    Engr. Alexander T. Demetillo, Dean of the College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT), Dr. Rolyn C. Daguil, Director for Information and Computer Technology (ICT), Dr. Natividad R. Mamaoag, Dean of College Education (CSE), Dr. Rolando N. Paluga, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and Dr. Miraluna L. Herrera, Dean of the Graduate School with Dr. Esamel M. Paluga, QUAMS Director and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Luisito I. Tabada led the faculty and staff in the collation and preparation of the data needed for the accreditation. True to his words on his first day of work at CSU, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso truly imbibed the very good habit of “every day is accreditation day”. Indeed, let us create a trademark of quality for CSU and be it known that CSU means Quality-Competence, Service and Uprightness.


    CSU undergoes another AACCUP Preliminary Survey — Fri, 09 Jan 2015 06:43:01 +0000

    CSU undergoes another AACCUP Preliminary Survey

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  • Caraga State University thru the Gender and Development (GAD) office Focal Person Dr. Lilia Z. Boyles, together with other line Agencies and LGU’s in Caraga Region  participated in  the kick-off activity of the 18 day campaign on “Walk to End Violence Against Women” last November 25, 2014.

    The year’s theme is “End VAW Now! It’s Our Duty!” echoes the clarion call to the ordinary Juana and Juan in harboring deep concern for women and girls by reporting cases of gender-based violence, participation to advocacy works, and engaging in various discussions on women’s rights.

    The campaign’s objective is to increase awareness of rights-bearer on violence against women and to augment the efforts of duty-bearers in eliminating gender-based violence, to increase commitment of rights-holder in eliminating violence against women and children, and to forge partnership among stakeholders in addressing VAW.

    Among those who joined the fun walk to end VAW  from Guingona Park to the provincial covered court were, Dr. Armie Leila M. Mordeno, Ms. Adrilene Mae J. Castaños, Ms. Ordem K. Maglente, Ms. Emma Aguipo, Mr. Melecio F.Mozo,  AgripinoPaurillo, Reian Marl Zulita, Rowena Jorquia and Josephine Belmonte. Dr. Nelia S.Raganas and Ms. Cherry I.Tabada followed at the venue. The opening program ended with a cooling down Zumba dance exercise.

    The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW)  spearheads the said activity with the Regional Development Council-Gender and Development Coordinating Committee (RDC-GADCC) headed by Atty. Marilyn M. Pintor.

    CSU joins the Annual 18 Day Campaign on VAW — Fri, 09 Jan 2015 06:38:45 +0000

    CSU joins the Annual 18 Day Campaign on VAW

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  • CSU with Congressman Lawrence “Law” H.  Fortun, Mayor Ferdinand M. Amante, Jr. with the barangay Captain of Ampayon Hon. Dennis Felix M. Gonzaga with some city barangay officials led the official groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Php. 14,000,000.00 Overpass in Caraga State University.

    Congressman Fortun in his message to the CSU constituents and to the public mentioned that the said overpass will have an elevator, the first in Mindanao for the benefit of our disabled and physically handicapped people.

    Dr. Anthony M. Penaso who was on official time in Myanmar for linkages and collaboration to our ASEAN neighbors was represented by CSU Vice President for Administration Armie Leila M. Mordeno with Chief Administrative Officer Joaquin R. Conde, Director for Planning and Development Dr. Danilo A.  Gaas, Director for General Services Engr. Marilou G. Umpad and Public Information, Alumni and External Affairs Director Sonia R. Low.

    Rev. Fr. Jay Amangpang led the blessing and the benediction. The CSU students applauded with gusto after the groundbreaking ceremony. It is expected that we will have more disciplined pedestrians who will use the overpass in crossing the street instead of running down across and be run down by vehicles manned by irresponsible drivers.

    CSU with Congressman Fortun lead the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the 14,000,000 Overpass Construction

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  • CSU President Penaso ordered the Public Information, Alumni and External Affairs Director to lead the conduct of the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) in Cabadbaran City. The PIAEA Director will be working with the CSU-CSIS team as Project Manager.  CSUCC Research Director Joy Lyn D. Dela Cruz, CSUCC QUAMS Director Jona J. Biongcog are assigned as Field Supervisors, statistician Jundy D. Lozano as Data Processor, Technical Support and other 15 Field Interviewers coming from CSU Main Campus and CSU Cabadbaran Campus.

    The CSU-CSIS team will conduct the survey, gather, analyze and process the data generated from the survey; feedback to the DILG status updates of data gathering, processing and report writing; submit all completed questionnaires, electronic data and other fieldwork document to the DILG XIII; Prepare the CSIS Implementation Report and CSIS Satisfaction Report for Cabadbaran City to be submitted to the regional office not later than November 28, 2014; liquidates all expenses incurred during the work process and attend exit conferences on the CSIS results organized by the DILG.

    The CSU-CSIS team has been trained in Davao at Men Seng Hotel to conduct the survey, field interviewers training has also been given to.

    Vice President for Research and Extension Rowena P. Varela and Vice President for Academic Affairs Luisito I. Tabada and Vice President for Administration Armie Leila M. Mordeno also support the CSIS team.

    PIAEA leads the conduct of the CSIS in Cabadbaran City — Mon, 24 Nov 2014 09:04:22 +0000

    PIAEA leads the conduct of the CSIS in Cabadbaran City

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  • Dr. Anthony M. Penaso signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Interior and Local government (DILG) on the conduct of the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS). CSU is one of the chosen Local Resource Institute (LRI) to help DILG conduct a survey on citizen satisfaction.

    DILG is committed to aggressively scale up interventions towards a kind of governance that values transparency, accountability, participation and performance.

    The CSIS, a component of the Local Governance Watch (LGW) established by the DILG is an assessment tool for the service delivery performance of local government based largely on the knowledge, experience and perception of the people who are recipients of such services using a client-oriented approach.

    The CSIS is implemented under supervision of the Bureau of Local Government Supervision (BLGS) of the DILG and is operated in Caraga Region through the coordination of the DILG XIII.

    The DILG needs the expertise and manpower of conducting the CSIS in Cabadbaran, thus they are tapping CSU as a partner. CSU is known as an institution which extends its services on survey research and its services to the public and other stakeholders.



    CSU partners with DILG on CSIS — Mon, 24 Nov 2014 09:02:06 +0000

    CSU partners with DILG on CSIS

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  • President Penaso attended the 2014 International Conference on Public Administration at the Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao City on October 10, 2014 and met Vice President Jejomar Binay who gave the keynote speech. CSU Human Resource Management Officer Ms. Rosario “Charo” B. Heria and Professor Gerardo Kitche also attended the event with Dr. Penaso.

    Discussed issues include Environmental Governance by Chair Loretta Ann P. Rosales of the Commission on Human Rights and Atty. Grizelda Mayo-Anda of the Environmental Legal Assistance Center, Public and Private Sectors Reforms and Strategies by former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Rafael Alunan.

    Thoughts on International Perspectives were also heard from the different world representatives Dr. Fumio Nagai of Osaka University Graduate School Law, Japan, Jean-Bernard Nativel from University of Limoges, France, Dr. Ampong Tamronglak of Thailand and Dr. Hae Yung Lee of Korea.

    Other issues tackled were Bangsamoro Development and Human Rights, Empowering Citizens to Deepen Democracy, Celebrating 23 years of the local government code. Speakers were former Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Governor Mandanas, Mayor Benjamin Abalos, Governor Rodolfo Del Rosarion and Congressman Sherwin Gatchalian.

    Topics during the plenary session include: Academe and local government linkage, Leadeship and Best Practices in Local Governance, Collaboration with the Third Sector and Volunteerism, Social Accountability and Citizen Engagement, Human Resources and Capacity Building, Policy Innovations for Smarter Governance: Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Challenges, and Human Rights and Governance.

    President Penaso attends the 4th International Conference on Public Administration

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  • CSU is one of the twenty-three (23) agencies in Caraga Region recognized by the Civil Service Commission as PRIME-HRM Level II- Accredited Status. Being recognized as PRIME-HRM Level II-Accredited Status is indicative that the agency had satisfactorily implemented the CSC Human Resource Management Systems and Programs, thereby granting the Authority to take Final Action on Appointments.

    The awarding ceremony was on October 9, 2014 at Almont Inland Resort Hotel and was graced by the Honorable Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, Chairman Francisco T. Duque III, who personally presented the awards to all the recipients. Dr. Anthony M. Penaso who was supposed to receive the award with CSU Human Resource Management Officer Ms. Rosario B. Heria was represented by Dr. Armie Leila M. Mordeno, Vice President for Administration. Dr. Penaso and Ms. Heria were in Davao for the International Public Administration Conference.

    “Pursuant to Section 12 (16), Book V of the Administrative Code of 1987, the Civil Service Commission is empowered to delegate authority for the performance if any function to departments, agencies or offices where such functions may be effectively performed.

    The Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in the Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) inculcates meritocracy and excellence in the public service human resource management through a program of reward, recognition, empowerment and continuous development. Under this program, the Commission empowers and continues to capacitate agencies in the performance of their human resource management functions, as well as recognize best practices in the various areas of human resource management.

    The requirements for Level II-Accredited Status under PRIME-HRM include the following:

    1. ) Appointments and personnel actions conform to Civil Service Law, rules and regulations;
    2. ) HR Plan covering Organizational Profile, HR Systems, and Employees Health and Wellness is fully operational;
    3. ) Sound HR Management Records; and
    4. ) Human Resource Management Office/Unit meeting the required competency level.

    The Caraga State University is one of the agencies identified for accreditation by the Civil Service Commission Caraga Regional Office (CSC Caraga).

    The results of the Comprehensive HRM Assistance, Review and Monitoring (CHARM) conducted by CSC Caraga at the Caraga State University on November 28-29, 2013 show that the said agency has complied with all the requirements for Level II-Accredited Status under PRIME-HRM.”

    CSC grants PRIME-HRM Level II-Accredited Status to CSU — Tue, 18 Nov 2014 04:03:44 +0000

    CSC grants PRIME-HRM Level II-Accredited Status to CSU

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  • President Penaso with some university officials and students join the Mindanao Association of State Tertiary Schools, Inc. (MASTS) Friendhip Games held in Mati, Davao Oriental. The Mindanao Athletic Competition 2014 was attended by some 29 universities and colleges all over Mindanao.

    Boosting academic excellence through sports, culture and literary competition is one of the aims of the MASTS friendship games.











    CSU joins MASTS Friendship Games — Tue, 18 Nov 2014 04:03:25 +0000

    CSU joins MASTS Friendship Games

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  • CSU President Penaso graced the 2014 annual convention of the Mathematical Society of the Philippines (MSP) at the Phela Grande Hotel and Convention Center in General Santos City on October 21-23, 2014. The MSP annual convention 2014 theme is ‘Fostering Collaborative Researches in Mathematics for ASEAN Integration.

    Researchers and educators in all areas of pure and applied mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics converged to participate and give short papers for oral/poster presentation. Dr. Penaso was the convention’s first plenary speaker. He flew to Cebu City the day after to attend another conference in Cebu City.









    Dr. Penaso is First Plenary Speaker in MSP Mindanao’s Annual Convention 2014

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  • Dr. Anthony M. Penaso with Vice President for Research and Extension (VPRE) Rowena P. Varela and Planning Director Danilo A. Gaas attended the CHED-SUC National Conference at the Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu City on October 23-24, 2014. “The Role of Extension in Higher Education: Affirming Relevance, Accountability and Service” is this year’s conference theme.

    The event is attended by Presidents, Vice Presidents for Research and Extension and Planning officers of Higher Education Institutions.










    Prexy with VPRE and OPD attend CHED-SUC National Extension Conference

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  • Dr. Anthony M. Penaso links with Secretary Joel Villanueva of TESDA during the Second Social Business Summit at the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, Angat, Bulacan on October 2-4, 2014.

    The Social Business Summit in their communication articulates that the young generation is now seeking for innovative solutions. Accordingly, businesses have the power to shape a kinder world, but only if the quest for profit does not leave the poor behind and plunder the planet.

    They came up with the catchy theme:Economic Innovation for Inclusive Wealth Creation. The aim is to craft novel business models to end poverty and to mitigate climate change for a future of sustainable prosperity and change.

    The event was held at the GK Enchanted Farm Village University, Bulacan on October 2-4, 2014. Dr. Penaso was with Dr. Emmanuel F. Nono, Office for Resource Generation (ORG) Director.







    President Penaso collaborates with TESDA and other organizations nationwide

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  • The Mindanao Association of State Tertiary Schools (MASTS met at the University of Southern Philippines (USEP) in Obrero, Davao City on October 9, 2014 to plan for the upcoming Mindanao athletic competition.

    Discussions and deliberations of Mindanao-wide athletic competition objectives and other activities were discussed.

    Mayor Carlo P. Rabat, representing the City Government of Mati, and Dr. Perfecto A. Alibin, Mindanao Association of State Tertiary Schools, Inc. (MASTS) President, sign the Memorandum of Agreement for a mutual support to a community-driven activity which the MASTS Friendship Games aim.








    Dr. Penaso plans with MASTS for the Mindanao Athletic Competition 2014

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  • Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and SUC partners (Caraga State University, Surigao del Sur State University, Surigao State College of Technology, and Agusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology) for the Sustainable Livelihood Program @ Philippine Gateway Hotel, Surigao City (September 3, 2014).











    Prexy signs MOA with DSWD and other SUC partners for Sustainable Livelihood Program

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  • CSU led by Dr. Anthony M. Penaso with the Sports and Physical Education Office headed by Prof. Sitti Obaida J. Cajenta in coordination with the University Student Council led by Jundey Brier with the Office of Student Affairs Director Joey Arles Vergara marked intramurals 2014 with the Regional Development Council (RDC) agent of change advocacy by having as its theme- I am an agent of change. I play fairly and joyfully.

    Intramurals 2014 opened on September 22, 2014 with a jolly parade and the usual Cheer Dance Competition in the morning. Games proper started in the afternoon of the same day, followed by a Dance Sports, Cultural and Musical Night. The fourth day was the championship day and culminated with an Awards Night and a Victory Ball after.








    2014 CSU Intramurals marks agent of change advocacy — Wed, 12 Nov 2014 09:00:16 +0000

    2014 CSU Intramurals marks agent of change advocacy

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  • A dialogue with the first people of the Philippines with its theme: Listening to the Voice of the Unheard. Mindanao’s first ever international seminar on the Mamanwa people and related studies held last September 19- 21, 2014 at the Tavern Hotel in Surigao City was a resounding success.

    The CHED and DepEd endorsed affair was attended by a number of international, national and local officials and scholars.

    The Symposium Chair was Mr. Fernando A. Almeda, Jr. of the Surigaonon Heritage and Museo nan Surigao with Co-Chair Leslie E. Bauzon.

    Sponsors were GIZ Philippines, Rev. Sister Marie Rosanne Mallilin, SPC, Ph.D St. Paul University President gave the keynote address. She talked on the role of universities in promoting research toward knowledge, understanding and empowerment of the Indigenous People in the Philippines.

    Mr. Fernando "Jun" Almeda Jr. spoke about the Rationale, aims and overview of the Mamanwa dialogue.

    Approximately twenty studies were presented by different scholars from all over the country and from abroad. Topics include:

    The Present Situation of the Mamanwa: Pejorative Terms Used toward the Mamanwa and How They are Treated by Christian Lowllanders, Impact on Large-Scale Mining and other Environmental Hazards on the Mamanwa Ancestral Lands Resulting in the Population Displacement and Dispersal, Changes Noted in the Lifestyle and Attitudes of the Mamanwa in Barangays Taganito, Urbiztondo, Toya-toya Affected, Mamanwa – The First People of the Philippines: The Genetic Origins of the Mamanwa and their Contribution to the Formation of Early Filipino Civilization; the Escalon Man; and the Issues of the Human Rights of Hunter-Gatherers, The Human Skeletal Remains from the Escalon Cave [Escalon Man], Surigao, Mindanao, the Philippine, A Scratch on the Surface: Filipino Population Genetic Story and Genetic Perspective on the History and Demography of the Mamanwa of Surigao, The Philippine State and Indigenous Peoples, Culture Change among the Mamanwa People, Geo-Mapping: Site Locations of the Mamanwa Villages in Surigao del Norte and Other Provinces, Mamanwa Rights Guaranteed by the IPRA Law, Indigenous Religion, Institutions, and Rituals of the Mamanwa of the Caraga Region, A demographic Study: Census of the Mamanwa Population (Is the Population Increasing or Decreasing?), Lessons from the Multicultural Experience of Australia in Relation to the Australian Aborigines, Impact of the IPRA Law in Mamanwa Life Change, Revisiting Mamanwa Language Studies, Music and Arts of the Mamanwa of Surigao and Agusan Provinces, Manobo Intermarraige: It’s Effect on the Bloodline of both Peoples and their Respective Ancestral Domain Claims, From Assimilation to Multiculturalism with Empowerment: Reversing 400 years of Assimilation Policy toward Non-Christian Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines, Beyond Multiculturalism Empowering the Mamanwa as the First People of the Philippines.

    Highlight of the event is the face to face dialogue with the Mamanwa people and the signing of the Mamanwa Declaration in support of the issues and problems affecting their lives.

    The Mamanwa declaration covers cultural issues, basic services, political issues, economic issues, educational issues, organizational issues and ancestral domain and mining issues.

    CSU goes to International Mamanwa Dialogue Symposium — Mon, 10 Nov 2014 03:16:44 +0000

    CSU goes to International Mamanwa Dialogue Symposium

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  • CSU President Anthony M. Penaso with VPAA Luisito I. Tabada, VPA Armie Leila Mordeno, Budget Officer Ma. Victoria M. Labisto and PIAEA Director Sonia R. Low went to congress on September 17, 2014 for the committee budget hearing in congress.

    CSU is trying to defend for our budget increase and tries to connect, link, network and collaborate with other state universities officials and congressmen around. The plenary hearing in congress was on September 22, 2014.

    On the other hand, the senate budget hearing also happened on September 23, 2014 at the Senate office, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. VPRE Rowena P. Varela and Planning Director Danilo Gaas also attended the senate budget hearing with President Penaso.





    President Penaso defends CSU budget in Congress and in the Senate

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  • On September 12, 2014 CSU conducted an orientation on 2014 PBB Guidelines at the Function Hall of CHED Caraga Regional Office.

    The Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) system is a merit-based incentive program that recognizes and rewards exemplary performance in government. Launched by the Aquino administration in 2012, the PBB ultimately aims to improve the delivery of goods and services to all Filipinos, as well as institute a culture of excellence in public service across the bureaucracy.

    Dr. Anthony M. Penaso gave an inspiring opening remark. Resource Speakers were DBM people from Manila, Ms. Maria Rosario Ablan Program Manager, Maya Katrina Gotis, Associate Project Officer and Settie Sahara Mutia, Associate Project Officers. They were introduced by VP for Administration Dr. Armie Leila Mordeno. While VP for Research and Extension Dr. Rowena P. Varela served as open forum moderator and VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Luisito I. Tabada did the closing remarks.

    Meanwhile, Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, chair of the AO 25 Inter-Agency Task Force on the Harmonization of National Government Performance Monitoring, Information and Reporting Systems, has issued Memorandum Circular No. 2014-01 containing the criteria and conditions for the grant of the merit-based incentive scheme Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) for fiscal year 2014.


    The latest memorandum circular, issued on April 21, specifies requirements for compliance by all government agencies covered.

    For the 2014 PBB cycle, eligibility requirements include the adoption of the performance targets based on Congress-approved Performance Informed Budget for 2014, OP Planning Tool, and the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) set by the AO 38 Inter-Agency Task Force.

    A higher percentage distribution in the ranking of delivery units will be applied to agencies that achieved at least 90 percent of each additional target as reflected in the OP Planning Tool and under the EODB plan.

    Other features of the MC include the use of the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) as preferred basis of individual ranking of First and Second level employees and simplified submission of requirements.

    The PBB is one of the components of the Aquino administration’s Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS), a program that recognizes and rewards exemplary performance in government.

    Orientation on PBB 2014 Guidelines — Mon, 10 Nov 2014 02:43:05 +0000

    Orientation on PBB 2014 Guidelines

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  • The Bureau of Immigration (BID) scheduled an accreditation and evaluation survey of CSU on August 27, 2014 relative to our application for a permit to admit foreign students in the university.


    OIC for the Office of the University President Dr. Rolando N. Paluga with PIAEA’s Sonia R. Low coordinated, facilitated and accompanied the team of evaluators led by BID Caraga Chief Cesar Arnel A. Valdez, Anthony Q. Pelaez and Grace M. German with a directive from CSU President Anthony M. Penaso who was on an important meeting in Manila. Student Affairs Director Joey Arles Vergara with the other representatives of the Deans of the different colleges were also present during the panel interview and presentation of CSU mission, vision and goals and objectives. The accreditation result is set to be given to us by October.







    CSU undergoes BID Accreditation and Evaluation — Mon, 10 Nov 2014 02:03:17 +0000

    CSU undergoes BID Accreditation and Evaluation

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  • Dr. Anthony M. Penaso attended the first Philippine Higher Education President’s Summit. The event was organized by the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development USAID/Philippines).

    The summit was the first of its kind and brought together over 500 of the country’s school presidents to Manila. It was a venue for education leaders to discuss the Philippine Higher education system as one sector and to speak with one voice.

    Held last August 15, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, PBEd wanted to unify a divided higher education sector into one big voice.

    The problems of the country’s education system are huge and it needs an equally powerful force to change and reform the system. Accordingly such power will only come from a unified sector, one that works together to correct the wrongs of the system. Unifying the higher education sector is central to improving higher education and ensuring a better future for our youth. As one voice, these leaders are in a better position to develop and advocate proactive reforms in Philippine education.

    The summit saw the ratification of the Manila Declaration on Higher Education, which sets out a five-point agenda for reform on issues such as linkages between the academe and industry; funding or government support for post-secondary education; rationalization and development of research and science and technology; governance of the country’s post-secondary education system; and faculty development and quality graduate programs.

    It featured speeches by Anant Agarwal, an entrepreneur and chief executive officer of edX, an online learning platform developed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Sir Richard Gerver, an education innovator; and the United States Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Godberg. A special discussion on the new K-12 system to address issues and concerns raised by various education stakeholders was also tackled.

    CSU Prexy attends First Philippine Higher Education Presidents’ Summit

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  • CSU President Dr. Anthony M. Penaso with other CSU accreditors attended the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP), Inc. in Mid-Year Conference of Accreditors at the Great Eastern Hotel Quezon City on August 27-29, 2014.


    Dr. Penaso was joined by Vice-President for Academic Affairs Dr. Luisito I. Tabada, Dr. Esamel M. Paluga, Dr. Myrna Kuizon, Dr. Nelia Raganas, Dr. Lilia Boyles, Dr. Jona Biongcog and Dr. Marilyn Castillo.


    The mid-year conference theme is Outcomes-Based Accreditation Takes Off. The conference objectives expected the participants to have updated their knowledge on the concept, standards, procedures and benefits of account-based quality assurance; consulted on and contributed to the improvement of the outcomes based instrument; distinguished the similarities and differences of the present system of input-oriented accreditation and the outcomes based framework; and have been apprised of the planned activities in the implementation of outcomes-based QA, such as training of accreditors, schedule of institutional accreditation and program accreditation visits.



    Dr. Penaso goes to AACCUP Mid-Year Conference of Accreditors

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  • The CSU family commemorates the 3rd year anniversary of Proclamation No. 239 Granting full ownership of the 232 hectares of land to CSU by virtue of RA 9854 on August 16, 2011. This year’s commemoration was celebrated on August 18, 2014 at the CSU gymnasium.

    Highlight of the event is the skit presentation by the different colleges. This year’s winner is the College of Arts and Sciences. They did a choreographed dance drama skit based on proclamation 239 relevance in a casual, chic and wacky way to the delight of the crowd.

    CSU was first conceived in 1918 as the Agusan Agricultural High School thru the passage of an Omnibus Bill filed by the first congresswoman of the Philippines Elisa Rosales Ochoa. On February 14, 1920, Proclamation Number 4 was passed by the American Governor to the Philippines Francis Burton Harrison, declaring the reservation of a 232-hectare virgin forest land in Barrio Ampayon, in the Municipality of Butuan, province of Agusan del Norte as the grounds of the young school. It was at the close of World War II in 1946 that the Agusan Agricultural High School (AAHS) was established in the reserved area.





    CSU commemorates 3rd year of Proclamation No. 239 — Mon, 20 Oct 2014 03:47:55 +0000

    CSU commemorates 3rd year of Proclamation No. 239

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  • To cope with the pressing demands of globalization and ASEAN integration CSU thru the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Luisito I. Tabada with the Public Information, Alumni and External Affairs Director Sonia R. Low work for the accreditation application of CSU to admit foreign students in the university.

    A number of foreign students went to CSU several times for admittance to the different curricular programs offered by the university. However, this could not be done unless we have been accredited by the Bureau of Immigration.

    CSU is just waiting for the BID scheduled accreditation visit and evaluation anytime in August and we are all set for foreign students’ admission to all our curricular programs. CSU students and faculty members as well as our President Dr. Anthony M. Penaso are all agog to welcome International students in the university.






    CSU thru the VPAA and PIAEA applies for BID Accreditation

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